President Obama Endorses Millennium Development Goals

"We will support the Millennium Development Goals...and we will set our sights on the eradication of extreme poverty in our time."

» Speech to United Nations General Assembly 9/23/09

Our Mission

Many organizations and individuals in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest are making important contributions to fulfill the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The mission of this Project is to build on this work, to promote a focused collaborative effort to prioritize the importance of the goals, and to engage the public in generating commitment towards meeting them.

Our Vision

Ending global poverty is possible when made a global priority. The members of the Puget Sound Millennium Goals Project believe that the United States plays a critical role in supporting global action that reduces extreme poverty and that the American people have a powerful voice in ensuring that the needs of the world’s poorest people are met through food, healthcare, education, and environmentally sustainable development.

Our Objectives

The PSMGP achieves its mission through the following objectives:
♦ Informing the public through forums and other approaches of U.S. support for the MDGs and where increased effort is needed.
♦ Creating networking opportunities for a cross-section of organizations focused on the MDGs.
♦ Providing advocacy organizations in-house training that addresses MDG related issues.
♦ Serving as a clearing house of information for the public, media and others interested in local efforts to meet the MDGs.
♦ Providing resources for local K-12 schools and other educational audiences.

Resources Especially for Teachers and Students

Links to several web sites that provide curriculum and other learning materials dealing with the MDGs can be found under Resources in the main menu.

Ways you can help achieve the MDGs

» Invite us to present to your group on the MDGs and related topics, including the impact of climate change on food security and poverty.

» Contribute your spare time - the Project is looking for researchers and writers to help get its message out.

Contact the PSMGP at: mgoals@q.com or 206-568-1959

Recent Additions

Find under Resources in the main menu:
» Food Security and Climate Change: Resources to understand the problems facing developing countries

Find under Resources in the main menu:
» 2009 Millennium Development Goals progress report (released July 2009)

Find under Legislation in the main menu:
» Bills introduced in the current (111th) Congress that relate to the MDGs

Find under Foreign Aid in the main menu:
» Analysis of U.S. foreign assistance legislation and efforts underway to modernize policies and programs

Find under Resources in the main menu:
» New books in the library:
Africa's Turn?, Miguel
Making Aid Work, Banerjee
The Trouble With Africa, Calderisi
The Trouble With Aid, Glennie
Creative Capitalism, Kinsley, Ed.
Dead Aid, Moyo
The Life You Can Save, Singer
Ending Global Poverty, Smith

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